Leave me Alone

Connecting With Your Children in a Wired World

  Making the choice to become a parent is also like making the choice to continually make hard choices for the next 18 years. Parenting brings with it joy and fear. Fear of making the wrong choices when it comes to diapers, food, parenting styles, and many others. In the world today, there is…

medical doctor bandaging patient

Injuries and Emergencies – When to Go to the Doctor

  Many individuals find themselves to be clumsy or accident prone at some point or another during their lifetime. For children, however, the clumsiness often accompanies risky and adventurous behaviors, which can lead to serious injury. It is difficult for a parent to determine whether an accident is serious enough for a doctor’s visit…

moqueca capixaba, brazilian fish stew

Seafood Stew (Cioppino)

    Ingredients: 4 small red potatoes, quartered 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided 1 tilapia fillet, diced 4 ounces dry bay scallops, patted dry 1 small sweet onion, sliced 2 teaspoons Italian seasoning blend 1-2 teaspoons sweet paprika 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 1 cup dry white wine 1/2 cup…

The smart generation

Teens, Social Media, and Mental Health

  Decades ago, parents of teenagers did not have outlets of communication that would allow their teens to check in with whereabouts and arrival times, but now teenagers are in constant contact with their family, friends, and even acquaintances through various forms of social media. Not only do their parents know where they are…

Can I get a moment to breathe?

Effects of Stress in the Workplace

    A study by the Rand Corporation, the Harvard Medical School, and the University of California, Los Angeles shows that nearly 1 in 5 workers face a hostile or threatening environment at work, which could be driving more people to seek mental health treatment. A New York City psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Manevitz, who…

Parents helping children with homework

Learning Disabilities – What Parents Need to Know

  Children soak up information like a sponge soaks up water. They pull from their adult influences, their environment, and the peers around them. Until they reach school age, it can be difficult to monitor their learning capabilities, but once they are in an environment where projects and assignments are graded, it becomes clear…

Casual Catering Discussion Meeting Colleagues Concept

Social Well-being in the Workplace

  Having close relationships is good for your physical health; they serve as a buffer during hard times, which can improve cardiovascular function and decrease stress levels.  There was even a study done that showed that people who were in a strained or hostile relationship took longer to heal from an injury than those…

Yoga poses for yogis of all ages

Good Balance Requires Mental and Physical Fitness

  With age comes the loss of many bodily features that are often taken for granted by younger persons. Joints and muscles begin to ache, bladders need emptying more often, and balance becomes slightly harder to control. There are things that can be done mentally and physically to maintain balance and avoid harmful falls….

alarm clock having a good day in morning.

Be More Productive by Waking Up Earlier

  One important habit that many successful people all have in common is that they get up earlier in the morning than the general population.  Early risers tend to be more active and goal oriented, they feel more in charge, and they’re more proactive.  Many people find that when they defeat that urge to…

Bad posture takes it toll

Importance of Good Posture

  Take a second to think about how you’re sitting right now.  It probably isn’t with a good posture.  Most of us tend to slouch back in our seats, or slump over our keyboards; even when we’re walking, most of us don’t have good posture.  Overtime bad posture can lead to all sorts of…