We are committed to utilizing innovative and effective means to engage and inspire our employees and their families to adopt and sustain healthy living practices.John Horne, Director- Safety & Health
We believe that a positive attitude to health and safety extends beyond our gates and so provide Employee Family Assistance Programs, alternative work schedules where feasible, fitness centers at some locations and educational sessions on a variety of wellness issues.Rob Bubnick, VP Safety Health & Environment
Your body hears everything your mind says. Stay positive.
Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it.

Cory, Saskatchewan

  Cory is a small municipality and a part of Saskatoon. With 800 residents living in Cory, most flock to Saskatoon for culture, events and food.  Saskatoon is a vibrant metropolitan area with a population of close to 300,000.  Home to the University of Saskatchewan, the college atmosphere is alive and well in Saskatoon!…

Man working and having healthy lunch

Smart Snacking Tips

  Food. We can’t live with it and can’t live without it. Why is it so hard to eat the way we should?  Consuming three healthy meals a day is time consuming and thought provoking enough, but those three meals rarely can keep our minds and bodies active and moving for a full work…

The sun shining through a majestic green oak tree on a meadow, with clear blue sky in the background, panorama format

Events – August 2017

August 2017 Calendar of Events United States Properties Marseilles, Illinois SSRC 5K Run/Walk for the Kids-August 5th SSRC (formerly Easter Seals) hosts the annual 5k Run/Walk for the kids, this race is located in nearby Ottawa and is in conjunction with the festivities during Riverfest. Blues on Barton-August 5th The Blues on Barton race will…


New Brunswick, Sussex

  If you live in Canada and you think Hot Air Ballons then New Brunswick should come to the top of your mind. After all New Brunswick is home to Atlantic Canada’s largest hot air balloon festival.  Thousands converge every year to observe this spectacle! Today, Sussex is primarily a regional service centre for…

Multi ethnic teens  in kitchen making school lunches. These could be adopted or foster home teens.

Packing Healthy School Lunches

  It’s that time of year again. The time when stores are filled with first time and veteran parents carrying school supply lists up and down the aisles grabbing pencils, pens, and cartoon character clad notebooks for their young protégés. Whether it’s the first day of kindergarten or the first day of senior year,…

rear view of a young man hug his small Mixed-breed dog, dog looking at camera

Benefits of Having Pets in Your Family

  Pet owners are becoming more prevalent all around the world. Hotels are making the switch to being pet friendly, and some theme parks are even offering pet care while the family is enjoying roller coasters throughout the park. Though it is common knowledge that pets provide their owners with more responsibility and lots…

Cute little girl sleeping in bed cuddling teddy bear at home in bedroom

Healthy Sleeping Habits for Kids

  Children crave structure throughout adolescence, and gaining a structure of some kind or another impacts them at any age. One thing that is important to build a routine for is bedtime. No matter the age, proper sleep habits and an ample amount of sleep in general are necessary to the focus and development…


Lemon Herb Chicken Kebabs

  Ingredients: 1 cup low-fat plain yogurt Zest of 1 lemon 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 1/2 tablespoons chopped fresh oregano 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided ¾ teaspoon salt, divided 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper, divided 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken strips, cut into 1-inch pieces 1 large bell pepper,…


World Humanitarian Day (Canada)

  August 19th is designated as World Humanitarian Day (WHD) by the United Nations.  The General Assembly designated WHD to coincide with the anniversary of the 2003 bombing of UN headquarters in Baghdad, Iraq.  WHD honors those who have lost their lives in humanitarian service, honors those who continue to bring assistance and relief…


5 Ways to Build Lasting Self-Esteem

  There are many benefits to having higher self-esteem, including bouncing back from rejection and failure quickly, having less anxiety, and generally feeling better about yourself.  Improving your self-esteem, and making it last, can be a bit difficult though.  It’s hard to keep up with something that can fluctuate depending on the situation, and…